Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In a giving mood

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” 

― Mother Teresa

As I have said before I love Christmas. Most years I try really hard to make a fair amount of my Christmas gifts, but I usually fall short on that goal. This year I found the secret to success: use nicer yarns. I lose steam pretty quickly when it comes to a project, doesn't matter what it is: hats, scarves, socks(always the second one... always!), even simple bags! But this year really nailed down the fact that if it's a soft luxurious yarn I will work on it as often as possible!

Earlier in the year I had made a hat and matching arm-warmers out of the Wurm Hat pattern on Ravelry. Bkins seemed slightly jealous and hinted several times that he thought the pattern would even be masculine, if made in the right color. Hint hint, amiright? So I went on down to Yarn Garden and bought me some more of the beautiful Chalet yarn I used on my hat. Obviously, a more Bkins color choice was made. 

Here it is in the sun. It's a really pretty blueish gray, that can almost look purple if paired with the right colors.

Or it'll blend into my couch...
Here are the ones I made for myself.

I love this Chalet stuff! The photos make it seem a little more white than it is. It's definitely a creamier color in person.

I also made Bkins a lovely Cowl (you can see it poking in on one of his hat photos) but that post will be shared with Twelve, as it was a joint effort kind of project.

And then... the big daddies. The gift that I could not wait for him to open. The pattern twelve just HAD to show me when I thought I was done with gifts. The perfect gift for the nerdy husband...

The Tardis Socks!

This last photo is a little more true to color. It's not quite that bright, but it isn't as dark as the above ones either. 

These socks were difficult. I had never tried fair isle knitting and I had no flipping clue what yarn dominance was, but if anything was going to make me learn it would be Tardis socks.

The first one was the roughest. I'm a tight knitter and for fair isle you want to keep things loose so that you're non-dominant yarn doesn't get sucked into the dominant color. In this case it was white nondom and black dom. On the top right photo above where I have it on my foot you can't see the middle of the B. I knit it too tight and had to go through and fuss the yarn up to show. It was tedious, but I had the hang of it by the second sock.

It went much smoother and it's the easiest to read. 

He loved them. It's so nice to have a husband that just loves these nerdy crafts. Right, Twelve?

 I'll have a post later of the stuff I made people that aren't my husband. Unfortunately I need them to send me photos... I kind of finished them and wrapped them. Whoops!

Happy New Year, internet!

EDIT: Almost forgot this guy!

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  1. True dat about nerdy husbands! :D So easy to make things for.

    I can't get over how much I love those socks. They turned out awesome! Did you also make that Tardis for Bkns stocking?