Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tis the Season

Christmas time is here
Happiness and cheer.
Fun for all that children call
Their favorite time of year.

I love Christmas. The smells, the food, the friends, the family, the lights, the decor and of course: presents!

This year is an exciting year. Lots of good gifts under my tree and I'm excited for those that get to receive them. Unfortunately you won't get to see these gifts until after Christmas. Don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone.

We get into the season with gusto around here! 

The tree is up.

We're even counting down!

Even the plants are festive.

(do you see that little gum drop tree in the back? See how few gum drops are on it? :V)

Of course the window got into the spirit. This is our side of it, but I'll do a full post for it a little later. 

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  1. Is it Christmas Yes/No

    I love that!! Next year I think I'll do this: