Thursday, December 20, 2012

Guest post: Ornament Wreaths

I'm in looove with these ornament wreaths!  I saw this ornament garland on Craftster, but couldn't think of what I would do with such a large piece.  An ornament wreath, however, is perfect!  I loved the colors Amy chose and think her's turned out awesome.  Amy's original post is here and you can visit her at The Unexamined Life.

So, I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was nifty and decided to go about making my own. Here’s the link to the original post I followed when making mine.

Firstly, the supplies:
Wire Coat Hanger (and a leatherman or something of the like to open the top and close it again when you’re done)
Ornaments (get molded plastic ones so you don’t have to waste time gluing the tops to the balls)
Ribbon or a bow (I started with grand designs and bought ribbon, went back later and got two tree bows instead)
Making these is super simple!
Step one: Bend your wire hanger (WITH THE HOOK STILL CONNECTED – if you untwist the top now, it’ll be difficult to get the thing actually round) into a circle, make sure it’s flat and not boxy, sharp angles will show up in the finished product. Untwist your hangar.
Step two: (at this point you need your ornaments all glued up if they’re likely to pop away from their rings) string your ornaments on to the hanger making sure to staggar them so that you get adequate coverage, and try to make string on your colors in an equal pattern so it’s not big clumps of one color. When you’ve gotten them all on, hold the hangar closed and look the wreath over, moving ornaments that need to fill in gaps, and make sure you don’t want anymore on.
Step three: Twist the wire hanger closed and use ribbon wire to tie your bow about the wreath near your hook. Some people cover the hook with ribbon, my bow was big enough that fluffed the right way, you don’t notice the hook.
And Voilla! You’ve got yourself a pretty nifty holiday decoration.

Mine cost just over $24 each to make, but if you have ornaments already, and ribbon and wire hangers… recycling can make this a really inexpensive solution.

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