Friday, December 28, 2012

Post-holiday nails: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Strips

Nails!  I didn't do my nails once over the holidays, because I was busy with working on Christmas presents for my family.  Now that it's done, I was excited to try these strips instead of doing the whole base coast, polish and top coat schtick.  Jesse saw them in the store and pointed them out to me (thanks, Jesse!).  They are Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips, in Girl Flower.

They are actually really easy to apply (well, once I started following the directions, take off the plastic on top first!  Duh).  If one of my nails couldn't fit the strips provided, I just used a slightly larger one and folded the excess off (with the stick they provide) like I did for the tip of the nail.  I wouldn't buy these all the time (I had a gift card so I didn't really pay attention to the price) but if I was going to an event and didn't want to fuss with my nails beforehand, I'd definitely get these again!

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