Monday, December 31, 2012

Futurama cross stitches

Bender: "What's the matter, did somebody die or something?"

Leela: "Kif's dead, Bender."

Bender: "Nailed it!"

One of my man's favorite shows is Futurama.  I don't usually craft anything for him for Christmas or his birthday because I'm always knitting in front of him and just give him the thing I made him when finished.  I decided to plan kind of a big project for him to open up Christmas morning.

When I decided to do this theme from the episode I, Roomate, I discovered there was a shocking lack of Futurama cross stitch ideas out there (at least I couldn't find much!) so I created all these in Excel, and I found free 8bit fonts through (listed below each picture).  It was a little hard to photograph in the hallway I put them in.  Enjoy!

Font: LL Pixel

Font: Hachicro

I dyed this aida cloth blue (and, consequentially, about 1/5 of my kitchen in the process) with Rit dye.

Font: Pixeljosh6

Inspiration images:

Additional notes:  1) I messed up a little on the Water Fountain. I should have centered the words instead of putting them to the left.  2) Obviously many of the designs were rounded or had circles, and I had to make them more blocky.  3) I definitely took the most creative license with the Public Library, which was a pain in the tuckus.  I couldn't do the circle around the words without making it HUGE, and the open book in the design was nearly impossible with the small design of the letters (I went through about 3 ideas before landing on upright books with little Xs on the spines).  Also I had to outline the letters because the yellow I used was hard to read against the white.

Also, I use a technique I read on Young House Love when I'm planning to hang multiple pictures, where I cut a template with paper (leftover Christmas wrapping!) and put it up on the wall.  I hammered nails directly into the paper and just ripped them off when I was done.  Their post is right here.


  1. They turned out amazing!! Bender is my favorite, but I think the Water Fountain one is my second favorite. Also, that paper/nail tip is excellent.

  2. Love it with the matting. They look so awesome and I can't wait to see them in person. :D

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  4. do you have a patter for Bender?

  5. Hi Piper!

    I have an excel file with the Bender pattern and another one with the other patterns. Shoot me an email at and I'll hook you up!

    1. Actually, you may be able to access it from this link: