Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Knitting goals for 2013

I thought I would mention my 2013 main knitting goal, which is to finish all of my unfinished projects.

This is the story of some of those projects.

Some of these I started in 2010.  I'm distracted by things!  Namely soft, beautiful yarn and cool patterns.  My goal for 2013 is to finish a lot of the crap that I've started and left in the lurch, hidden in a bag or a tub, unfinished.  Alternatively, I can decide which ones I don't want to make and go ahead and scrap the project already.

Here's my list, which I plan on updating as they happen:
  • Bike Basket (only the bottom is done, with stitches cast on to start working up the sides.)
  • Sprinkles hat (the main body is done, and I knit a band that was FAR TOO LARGE and threw it in a box for like a year.  I finally picked it up back, took off the band, picked up the live stitches and now feel healed enough to continue.)
  • Jesse's socks (One is finished, and the other one has been started.  He has been not at all patient about getting his own handmade socks, and really, being married to a knitter, he should already have some!)
  • Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks bag (I'm improvising a bag with this stitch pattern. "Improvising" was apparent when I had to keep restarting it to get the number of stitches right...the Manos yarn I have chosen is BEAUTIFUL with this pattern.  I plan on sewing in fabric, which is really what's worrying me.  New territory!)
  • Terribly Simple Scarf (this one IS terribly simple, but had to be put on hold for Christmas/birthday knitting.  Instead of garter stitch I'm using stockinette because I'm kind of a St st stickler.)
  • Miss matched fingerless gloves (basic fingerless gloves pattern, one red and one green - would have been better if finished before Christmas, but so is life.  Green glove is already finished knitting, ends need to be weaved in.) 
  • Pumpkins I started making over a year ago.  I finished one and never got around to finishing the other ones.  Should be a cute decoration come Halloween (there are orange pumpkins and glow in the dark white ones).
On my "maybe" list is a slouch hat I tried to make for Jesse and it was HUGE.  He thought it looked cute on me (sans, like, 5 inches circumference), but I'm leery of joining the slouch hat club. 

A new project that I know I want to make next year is a sweater!  I have a few sweater patterns in mind, but I would like to make the one linked, Basic Black, first.  Birdy and I got a bunch of yarn at a second hand craft store, which should be enough yarn (fingers crossed) for a sweater like this.  We are planning on doing a knit-a-long for our first sweaters!

I also have a friend who has a baby due in February, and now that I know he's a boy I want to work on a little something for him.

Here's to 2013's knitting!

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