Saturday, August 3, 2013

4th of July nails

This year my husband and I are trying to celebrate all the holidays, if only just a little bit.  I'm including painting my nails as celebrating.  I keep expectations pretty low around here.  Enjoy my shiny, patriotic sausage fingers!

I did something I had never done before, which was use cheap acrylic paint for the red and blue.  My husband sent me this Duck Hunt nails video, which I did not do, but she uses acrylic paint for most of her nail art, which is SO MUCH easier to work with than regular nail polish.  I don't have red or blue nail polish, so it was nice not to fork out cash to buy them for one set of nails.

I used Essie's Good To Go topcoat (which I do really like) and even though it shrinks the polish, it didn't really do that with acrylic paint, so that was pretty nice too.

I used a striper for the lines and stars, which were haaard and looked TERRIBLE but when you put them all next to each other it's like the cheerleader effect from How I Met Your Mother (a bunch of ugly girls grouped together can be deceptively pretty just because of how many of them their are, same with my janky stars).

I sported my nails at a Civil War Reenactment (which they have in Oregon!  And probably everywhere!  Well, in 'Merica.  GO TO ONE) which is more of celebrating a holiday than nails, but I have no pictures to prove we were there.  Oh wait yes I do!

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  1. I forgot you went to that re-enactment? How was it? The stripes totally look great, so the group thing must be right.