Friday, February 1, 2013

No cold iPads on my watch, no sir

My man surprised me with an iPad for my birthday (and a smart cover!  Clever boy).  Jesse already had an iPad that I occasionally borrowed.  It's something I would have NEVER purchased for myself and would have poo-pooed the thought of, but it's awesome.  I don't have to print out recipes anymore, I just use my iPad in the kitchen to try out new meals!  Knitting patterns or charts?  Easy to mark up with the Goodreader app! 

I named her Helper, after Helper from Venture Bros.  We name all of our electronics after robot characters from shows we like (mostly Futurama), which also may tell you that my husband is an Apple fanboy since we have multiple electronics.  There's Tinny Tim, Hedonism Bot, Calculon, Super Collider (I hardly know her).

Enough chit chat, I'm keeping Helper nice and toasty with her new sock  (Ravelry link): 

Jesse REALLY loved this cover, which I'll admit was a little more fancy than the one I made him when he needed something asap so it wouldn't rattle around in his backpack.  The pattern I used for his first one was really great (the flap was genius) but the yarn was a quick buy from Joann and nothing fancy.  (You can see the first one right here.)  He's definitely a knitter's husband now that he's learning which types of yarns he likes.  Mmm.  Sexy.

I really loved the Gina yarn, and the ribbed black top was using Lamb's Pride Worsted, which was a little thicker than Gina but just as lovely.  I went down two needle sizes for the ribbing so it would be nice and tight.

Here's the one I made for Jesse: (fyi, these pictures kind of blew out the color a bit, the yellow is much more tame and greenish) Ravelry link

These were WONDERFUL quick knits, and the beautiful yarn made it so easy to rock that stockinette.

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