Friday, January 18, 2013

Double the pleasure double the fun

Double double your refreshment,
Double double your delightment
- Double Mint Gum Commercial

I'm really having fun with this two sock knitting. I've been sending my Nana updates as she was curious on how I was liking it. Only now did I realize I should show the internet too! The internet cares, I just know it.


I've decided to go with an afterthought heel with these guys (my first ever). My reasoning is that I have encountered a few people giving me weird looks because I'm knitting two different colors. I even had someone ask if I realized that I was doing it.

Oh my gosh, how did I make that mistake! ;)

I decided to make it blatantly obvious that these were meant to be a pair and I'll give them the opposite color toes / heels. I think it'll be great and I'll be able to wear them as Christmas socks when Christmas comes again. Boy, I love Christmas.

I'm about to lay something heavy on you guys: I've already planned a lot of gifts out in my head.

I need help. Send some quickly.


  1. Those are going to be AWESOME.

    And no, you don't need help. I've got a load of my Christmas presents already figured out and I've got plans for when I'll start making them (Beginning this weekend!)

    Good luck with the socks, I can't wait to see the finished product! :D

  2. Yep, I'm with you and Amy. I even have my giftlist spreadsheet going (a lifesaver, too...I started it two years ago and whenever I think of a present for someone, I immediately enter it in to work on later. I hate when I have a good idea for someone but just can't remember it!). I also have calendar reminders starting in October to remind myself to do certain things for Christmas...*blushes* At least we're all in it together!

    I LOVE how those socks are coming out. And I hope when that person asked if you knew they were different colors that you went, "WHAT??"

    1. I certainly wouldn't have known if she hadn't pointed it out ;)

    2. The colors are so totally similar. I can barely tell them apart.