Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cowl fever

Birdy and I decided to make cowls for our husbands as Christmas presents.  My husband was basically bursting to have one (he brought it up CONSTANTLY).  He uses public transportation for school and work, so his neck does get cold a lot.  I blatantly lied and I told him I would try and make one for him after I was done with my Christmas knitting, which was okay because my mom always says it's okay to lie if it's regarding presents.

Bird and I picked up the yarn from Yarn Garden.  Bird was a magician and had finished all of her Christmas presents like 3 weeks before Christmas (people do that??) and I did mine about a week before.  This pattern moves very quickly, and I finished it in a week, and that was without pushing myself too hard to get it done.

twelve's cowl

Birdy's cowl

Me: Smile Baby!
Bkins: Maybe I am.

Darn! These photos really wash it out, but it is a nice bright blue, as modeled by the darling husband above.

I had a ton of fun making this cowl. It was quick and easy but had just enough of a pattern to keep me interested until the end. I ran into a mishap when I was casting off, though. 12 or so stitches to go and I reached the end of the line. For realsies. What the blob. So I just found a blue in my stash that was similar enough and finished off this bad boy. 

I was excited to do a project with Twelve. Our husbands are total buddies so this is a good gift for them both to enjoy. 

The end!

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