Friday, November 16, 2012

Somewhere to put my tank tops

I never knew what to do with those pesky tank tops that I keep around to wear under my work sweaters.

Enter, the tank top holder!

It's just a couple little blocks of wood (I had them on hand, but they are a buck or two at a craft store), some cup hooks, craft paint, and nails.  Hot dawg.

As you can see in the picture, the view is obstructed by wire shelves that I hold the majority of my clothes on.  This is tucked behind that, so they hang nicely and I don't have to shove them randomly somewhere (I'm kind of a messy person, I understand not everyone struggles with this) and the straps don't get all tangled up.  Also, after I hammered them in there I painted over the nails, which is much more noticeable in pictures than in real life.



  1. Is this in your closet? I like this idea.

  2. I need to go in your bedroom more, apparently. These are great!