Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hulk Hogan, Halloween 2012

Hulk Hogan!  Oh yeah, brother!

In many ways, I feel like a poser dressing up as ole Hulk up there, because I didn't get into professional wrestling until Chyna and The Rock were popular.  I remember when I was into WWF, soon to be WWE.  It was a good year.  Until someone drew nipples on my Chyna notebook at school.

The wig was $6 from Walmart (a little too expensive for the quality, if you get what I'm saying).  I just cut short hair for the sideburns and I don't have any bobby pins so I pinned the hair back with safety pins.  The wig itself was very long (and patchy, good thing I was wearing a bandana) so I just hacked off a couple feet.

The shirt was a large men's shirt from Target, on sale for $5!  I cut those sleeves off and cut a slit in the top, all willy-nilly like.  I wasn't actually going to do the Hulkmania thing, but my man Jesse was like WHAAAAT and he sat down and outlined that sucker in black (well, dark blue) and filled in with red.

I'm a busty girl, so I wore a sports bra, wrapped up the girls with an ace bandage (not too tight -- I did a test run the night before and started to stress out because I couldn't breath), and then used packing tape to put a folded up giant tshirt around my midsection to fill in my waist between my boobs and my gut/hips.  I put a tank top over it to even it out a bit, and then Hulkamania, baby!

The pants were these from Target, and they are mighty hideous!  I mean, I know they're legit workout pants, but they kind of scream "professional wrestler" and that ain't really my bag while I'm working out.  Or is it?

The mustache was created using this tutorial and using leftover hair from the wig.  I used Elmer's glue to stick it to my face, and it held up pretty well for about 2 hours.  Even though I had to drink from a straw.  And at one point a girl came up and asked who I was dressed as, right when I tried to eat a piece of bread with spinach dip on it and I got it all over my mustache. Here's a more close up shot before I trimmed it up a bit.  The first layer of hair I used rubber cement, and the second layer I used Elmer's because of how stringy the rubber cement is and it getting hair all over my bidness.

The boots were based off of this tutorial, and that tutorial is for a little more sturdy-use-more-than-once boots, but I just put my flats in an old pair of argyle socks and Birdy's husband bkins did one layer around those socks.  They did the trick and I'm so glad I came across that tute!  The flats in the "boots" (which are my normal work flats) in a sock were such a perfect idea!

The entire outfit cost $45.50
tshirt: $5
ace bandage: $4.50
duct tape: $5 (would have been even cheaper if I had a Michael's 40% off coupon!)
pants: $25
wig: $6
bandana: already owned

The pants were by far the most expensive part, and I think it's the most lenient part of the outfit since something on hand can be used.  Could easily have done it under $15 if we had already owned some of the items!

Handmaking your own costume can also look so much better than storebought ones (and be cheaper!), like this on Amazon:

He doesn't stand a chance to this guy.

Happy Halloween!