Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole

Did you ever finish a project that you couldn't believe was handmade by you? Did you hold it in your lap after weaving in those 8 bazillion ends and think: 'The world has to know my genius?' Did you show all your crafty friends until you had shown them all (twice)? Did you ever wish you could show the world?!
Well we did!

We're the people making up craftnugget, and here's a little about ourselves:


I primarily knit these days, that’s all thanks to Twelve. I started off with crochet and cross stitch, but when Twelve started getting into knitting I was very impressed with the projects she was working on. She motivated and taught me to start knitting. I started off, like her, with wash cloths, worked my way up to scarves, and now it’s socks, hats, cowls, blankets, etc.

Knitting is my favorite craft because most of the time I can work on it while watching tv or a movie. Or, when someone else drives, or when I have a free moment, or even when I don’t have a free moment. Knitting everywhere all the time forever and ever!

ps- I was really hoping for a craft blog called fart nugget


Long time listener, first time poster. Typical crafting for me is knitting, but I enjoy dabbling with miscellaneous paper crafts and cross-stitching, among other things. I'll try out any type of craft to see if it's something I enjoy (like quilling!). I think everyone has a craft that they would enjoy doing, whether they know it or not yet.

Who wants this blog to start already?  Let's cut this turd loose!

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