Thursday, March 14, 2013

Not the best timing.

Ah 60 degree weather. How I have missed you. To celebrate I'll finish this beautiful chunky cowl that I cannot possibly wear until next fall.

Oh well.

Even though the season for beautiful cowls has passed I am still in love with this cowl. It's thick, soft, and just the right size. The color is probably my favorite. This yarn has such beautiful surprises in it. The big streaks of red in the purple and best of all the blue that you only notice in the sunlight.



Devonshire Cream
Ultra Alpaca Light
Boysenberry Mix 4282
Dye Lot:
Skeins Used:
Cost Per:

This was a fun project and my first time working with cables. The pattern was easy to follow and the yarn a dream to work with. It's the same kind I used for the gloves I made not too long ago. I'm also using the chunky stuff to make a bag.

I love this yarn, apparently.

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  1. The color is so, so beautiful. It looks great! And I remember finishing mittens in May, so it's all good :)