Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gotta reach for that goal

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” 
-Albert Einstein 

I'm always making lists of things I want to get done. I'm also always losing those lists and forgetting what I wrote on them. I get a jolt of inspiration (usually at work, it seems) and just feel the urge to go for it. Then that feeling fades and I completely forget what it was I wanted to do and why it felt so right to peruse it.

In order to avoid that this year of 2013 I am writing it right here, right now. For all you lovelies to see and perhaps hold me accountable if it sounds like something you'd be into. You know.. harassment and stuff. These will be knitting/craft only goals, for now. My other goal list will probably be a little longer but fret not, you shall see it in good time.

Lets cut this turd loose!

1. Knit a Sweater - twelve and I decided this is something we would do as a kal (knit-along) so that we have the proper motivation to finish. Should be started soon and I'm sure we'll post about it a lot.

2. Make most of my gifts / buy locally - I really need to do research and find stuff for even the hard to make/buy for. I know twelve wants to try to do all local/handmade stuff this year and I think I may be tentatively joining her. Everyone can use a soft snuggly something or other...

3. Bust the stash - I have a lot of crafting stuff. It's hard not to call it crafting crap... there is just so much! I need to go through my yarns and use what I have for what I can. I need to organize my scrapbooking paper, all my threads, my w.i.p., and my little pieces of little crafts that are in 80 different places.

4. Clean the craft room - This kind of goes with the above goal. I really need to clean it so I can take pictures and show you. It'd look super cool if it weren't so cluttered. Someday.

5. FINISH THE W.I.P - WIP is works in progress, fyi. I have about 5 that I remember. It's sad that I have to add 'that I remember'. No patterns for most of em, they were just things I decided to go for. Go for and then completely forget! Once 3/4 are done the number of wip will surely rise.

6. Be better at cataloging my crafts - this means using the blog more, taking more pictures, putting them on Ravelry, actually keeping track of what I've made. I find things in boxes all the time that I made and forgot about. I found gloves just last week that I didn't remember making last year. It's a little sad...

So there.
Thank you, Ma'am!

Time to get crackin!

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  1. Let's cut this turd loose! *giggle*

    I did pretty good with Ravelry this last year..and today I actually organized the listings! I made a "Knit in 2012" list and have started my "Knit in 2013." I really loved doing that on Goodreads with my books so I want to get a start on it earlier with my knitting. And I can't wait to see more of your stuff on there! You pump so much stuff out.

    Also YESSS about your craft room. I want to see it in its beauty!